About QbTech

What is the QbTest?
The QbTest is an FDA-cleared objective computer-based test that measures the ability to sustain attention and impulse control, as well as recording motor activity. Activity is recorded by an infra-red camera and reflective headband worn throughout the test. The test lasts either 15 minutes (ages 6-12) or 20 minutes (ages 12-60). The results from each test are compared with data from an age- and sex-matched control group. The QbTest allows clinicians to objectively measure the core symptoms of ADHD: inattention, activity and impulsivity.
Why use the QbTest?
The QbTest can help to rule ADHD in or out, and also measure response to medication treatment in re-tests used as part of medication reviews. According to the NICE Guidelines,the QbTest is an innovative measure which can improve the efficiency of an ADHD diagnosis without negatively impacting the accuracy of diagnosis. Using the QbTest provides clinicians and patients with objective evidence of difficulties with hyperactivity, inattention, and impulsivity. This can be useful evidence to provide to schools or a workplace to explain experienced difficulties from an objective perspective.The QbTest can also be used following a diagnosis to assess the efficacy of medication and help with dose titration. For instance, if performance in the QbTest does not improve following medication, a different prescription may be required.Using the QbTest can reduce delays in the diagnostic process and also help to reduce the chances of under and over-diagnosis. It means that the ADHD assessment outcome does not rely solely on subjective data from questionnaires and interviews, and allows for objective evidence to inform clinical decisions.
What does the test entail?
The QbTest is performed on a laptop, with a clicker button used for responding. An infrared camera works with a reflective marker on a headband to reflect movement during the test.Throughout the test, a number of symbols will appear on the computer screen. The task isto push the response button when certain symbols appear on the screen. There is an instruction video and an opportunity to practice the test before starting.
What do results show?
The QbTest results will indicate whether or not there have been difficulties focusing – andremaining focused – throughout. The report will also indicate activity and impulsivity ifidentified in the test. The results are displayed in a PDF report and should be interpreted bya qualified clinician.
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